Peragro Tempus

The Peragro Tempus MMORPG engine is totally open source (based on Crystal Space and CEL). Even the art assets can be reused by other developers. The aim of Peragro is to create a platform for gamers all over to create their dreams in interactive form



Peragro Tempus is a non-massive online RPG (and engine) with a focus on Role Playing and with an evolving world, where plants and wildlife are an active part of the circle of life.

There are no classes, everything is skillbased.
Want to be a swordfighter? Just use a sword and gain experience.
Tired of swinging that blade? Just pickup some basic magic spells and train to become a mage.
Skill depreciation stops you from becoming a ‘Jack of all Trades’.




  • 32 and 64 Bit Versions
  • Mac, Windows, GNU/Linux
  • Built using documented OSS (CrystalSpace, CEL, CEGUI, Bullet Physics)
  • Continuous world, no loadscreens. (background loading in thread)
  • Seamless terrain.
  • Instancing of complete indoor levels. (think playerhousing)
  • Day and night cycle: realistic rendering of the atmosphere, sun and night sky, complete with stars, nebulas, planets, …
  • Clouds and basic weather patterns.
  • Water; oceans and rivers.
  • Skinnable GUI which can change skins at runtime (speedy development of new skins).
  • Custom network library with dedicated messagetypes (ASN.1 / XER like, defined in XML) for optimal throughput.
  • Clipboard: transfer text between the OS and the game


  • Evolving flora and fauna.
  • LiveCD Version
  • Dynamic Updating
  • Realtime In-Game Editor (World Manager)
  • Detailed Mining & Archaeology System

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