Bullet physics

Bullet is an open source software multi-threaded 3D Collision Detection, Soft Body and Rigid Body Dynamics Library (physics engine). It is published under the zlib license making it free for commercial use. Its main author, Erwin Coumans, previously worked for the Havok project.


  • collision shapes include: sphere, box, cylinder, cone, convex hull, non-convex and triangle mesh
  • implements GJK convex collision detection
  • solid sweep collision test
  • discrete and continuous Collision Detection (CCD)
  • soft body: cloth, rope and deformable
  • constraint limits and motors
  • COLLADA 1.4 Physics import
  • modular approach supports home-brewed physics software
  • Plugin for Maya 2008
  • PlayStation 3 Cell SPU and CUDA support

The Bullet physics engine is used by many game companies in AAA titles on PC, XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii[1].

Bullet provides rigid body dynamics for the Blender 3-D modeling, rendering, and animation package.

The Bullet website also hosts a Physics Forum for general discussion around Physics Simulation for Games and Animation

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  1. ^ “AAA Titles using Bullet”. Erwin Coumans. 2009-01-05. http://www.bulletphysics.com/Bullet/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=11971#p11971. Retrieved on 2009-01-05. “There are some AAA games released by Sony Computer Entertainment, Disney and Rockstar and others. […] We are allowed to mention that some parts of Bullet have been co-developed and optimized with Rockstar and merged into their Rage game engine, used on XBox 360, PC and PLAYSTATION 3 in Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Grand Theft Auto 4.”

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