The pages in this section refer to the overall tactic i have been using to guide the development of this project from a marketing, public relations, and development/design point of view.

i hope my strategy works.. so far it has severely limited the amount of potential investment, but that has also resulted in a much better quality end product (theoretically)

the bulk of the pages here (all taken from www.wikipedia.org) are mainly for the purpose of being design reminders to me during dvelopment.. each one of them represents a subject which will have multiple pages in the end web site

each page on the game website represents tons of characters, stories, plots, dialog lines, 3d objects, structures, game rules, and areas in the final game

by using what seems like very little data, and none of it apparently self generated (me likey edit wikipedia entires.. yum), i can store in memory hundreds, thousands of pages worth of connected thoughts and structures

all the while apparently storing nothing and having my information stored in a form almost entirely useless by my competitors to divine any real estimation of the finished product (while freeing em up to infinitely polish off detail and change symbolic links between data pieces

my goal is simple.. to deliver, as an independent developer, an experience beyond what is capable by competitive organizations (game developers)

i am switching careers and it has been at considerable cost in time and energy. (and sanity) cannot afford to fail, and so i have adapted some unorthodox strategies to compete in the marketplace.

the pages in this section will assist in seeing the things that influenced my strategy


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