FUI Design

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Intro : Alternatives to HUDs

  1. http://worrydream.com/ABriefRantOnTheFutureOfInteractionDesign/
  2. https://www.leapmotion.com/product
  3. http://www.bloomberg.com/video/buckwald-gesture-control-is-future-of-computing-0PqWB0zfRNahsVQ3zhWNXw.html

Anime: Fictional Universe Interface (lol) http://www.psoft.co.jp/en/product/gallery/casestudies.html
Pencil+ Cel Shading NPR Plugin
[iframe http://www.psoft.co.jp/en/product/gallery/casestudies.html 100% 640]

[Jayse Hansen via Comic Book Movie]

A Look at All Those Over-the-Top Interfaces in The Avengers A Look at All Those Over-the-Top Interfaces in The Avengers A Look at All Those Over-the-Top Interfaces in The Avengers A Look at All Those Over-the-Top Interfaces in The Avengers

Links: Jayse Hansen, Mark Coleran, Iron Man HUD, Avengers FUIs

  1. http://jayse.tv/v2/?portfolio=hud
  2. http://jayse.tv/v2/?portfolio=avengers-helicarrier-glass-screens
  3. http://cargocollective.com/jayse/Avengers
  4. http://jayse.tv/v2/
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  12. http://coleran.com/
  13. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MarvelFreshman/news/?a=60269

Additional: Tutorials

  1. http://ae.tutsplus.com/series/iron-man-widgets/
  2. http://www.vfxer.com/vfx-inspiration-jayse-hansenthe-avengers-iron-man-hud-tutorials/
  3. http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial/futuristic_hud/
  4. http://www.toolfarm.com/buy/greyscalegorilla_citykit_for_cinema_4d2

Classic Controllers



Displayed at E3 was the RIPLEIGH MEK-FU prototype controller for Hawken, one of the more impressive mech combat controllers since Steel Batallion: ripleigh.com. Please harass them for us by mailing: info@ripleigh.com


Packed with a baffling selection of buttons, toggles, switches, sticks, screens and a full keyboard, the prototype stick designed by fledgling Chinese peripheral company Ripleigh drew a crowd at an evening Hawken play session during E3.The set up features two ergonomic handle grips loaded with thumb buttons, hat switches and triggers. There’s a small keyboard which can be used for chatting between sessions. A band of programmable buttons can be assigned to the mech’s various items. The control system also has an impressive number of very specific buttons and switches. For instance, there’s a covered ignition flipswitch, a health indicator, and an auto shift switch.

A rectangular digital display, which stretches across the top of the controller, is used to display the player’s call sign and for short messages. The entire thing pulls apart for easy storage, a spokesman for Ripleigh told Polygon.

The estimated price for this beast? $250+

Razer Artemis Concept Controller


Iron Man HUD / Avengers FUI


Avengers FUI



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