updating soon

updates coming soon
right nwo the thing you can do to help this game

is sign up at neopangaia.com

because i need a commuinity fo peopel to chiem in and help me give you what you want

mo betta


a lot has happened
happy to report that all our projects are actually now
moving along a lil
ahead of schedule
which is 
… i wish more people would sign up at neopangaia.com
because im at the point where i need to ask you guys what you want

fine i cant?
a planet sized adult rpg

cause no matter WHAT 
thats what we an deliver.. a simple one.. or complex
single player or multi
thats what is goin down

the SECOND project will for certain
be everything we hoped for

this first one?
thats what the update will be about
stay tuned

engine: unity
setting: a world of fantasy with orcs drow magic lovecraftians angels demons
time: around 600 years into the future.. a future where 
everybody and their mother waged a little ptivate war
as if planet earth became temporarily an intergalactic
and then cooled and quieted…

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