merry christmas world

using the open game license content [ i currently call “dungeons and dragons” in my head, but in future official blogs and boxes, will of course be called “the best known pen and paper rpg” or  “the defining fantasy rpg of our time”] helps me expand on the idea of open development.
in the movie “Tron” he was surprised to find “Isos” but I only thought of this project because of some commentary made by Terence McKenna about using virtual reality to provide an interface to alien intelligence. over time the project, as he predicted, easily took control of my own life as well as the tech of the human race, to evolve itself to a higher state EVEN BEFORE i was able to produce the tiniest infant version [for fun and profit of course]

this whole process was about open development.. but at the end of the day it was me who wrote the stories and interpreted everything. luckily the technology had a mind of it’s own. i ran into the lead engine developer of a triple aaa title [his contract prevents me from mentioning] who REALLY was a Sifu to me and made me rethink what I was doing and how.

I was finally forced into the realization that I would have to produce a smaller game while developing the technology, not of a virtual Earth that would somehow “evolve itself into” a v1rtual universe, but a V1RTUAL UNIVERSE itself. I cannot disclose the exact technology involved [which I have yet to get exclusive desktop, console, and tablet rights for] but I know it would be at least 18 months, even for ME [and a small team] to shape it into a usable interactive virtual reality engine.

so i have to do a smaller RPG first [i considered an FPSRPG but the volunteer lead coder requested a “Zelda clone” for the first project.

by deciding to use the OGL content, i have free time to focus on world building and rules and environments, while letting backstory and other tedious elements sit in cold storage for a while. the d20 modern, future, future tech, and arcana rules BASICALLY allow for a replica of the Marvel or DC Universe, with different races, along with a lack ot “superheroes” [which is perfectly fine for me]

H.P. Lovecraft, Star Trek, Star Wars, CyberPunk, Anime and Hentai, Wushu Movies and all the other people and organizations of traditional comic book universes are there. It’s almost as if that content is perfect for the sort of “Heavy Metal” universe I imagined when I first planned the project.

all the data and size, weight, details and damage, destructibility and actions .. not of REALITY but a VIRTUAL reality, are there. i admit i am not the hugest fan of traditional rpg rules, but i also am more influenced by “Gamer (film)” or “Surrogates” than “The Holodeck” a virtual world where the players themselves are AWARE that they are playing in a world not THEIR reality.

I have definitively decided to go with Unity. I will not rush this project. The parameters requested by my lead [whose volunteered time was financially invaluable in paving the way to the virtual reality now possible] were “yeah a zelda type game with d&d worlds and content/rules would be awesome”.. i didnt have a chance to ask if he wanted to include sci fi and such in addition to the fantasy worlds and elements, so i will do both [while having a “nexus” area with a bit of both for that “ANime” vibe.

The “OGL License” states that you can use everything they LET you use. Which is ALMOST everything in dungeons and dragons EXCEPT .. Beholders, Mind Flayers and Lolth. I am sure theres other things, but nothing I would want to use but those three.

Beholders, I can live without. Lolth [I never liked her name] can simply be replaced by a TOTALLY different “Spider Goddess” [way more different than “Superman 2 Zod” and “Man of Steel Zod”]. Since I am marketing my first wave of projects to adult consumers, I can have a slightly smaller first project by using her character for the sort of “Lilith” type of characters I have in the larger future projects.

I have read several people say that Drow are overused, but I think the exact OPPOSITE. Moreover, I believe a really great game could be made from something as silly as “Drow Queen VS The Vampire Lord” if you wanted to. Bloodsuckign and sex in either an rpg or an FPS sound difficult, so expect this version to have much less interactive adult content than planned.

I don’t like crowd funding, it forces me to stick to set designs and timetables. I don’t like donations because JUST in CASE, I want to be able to shelve a project to work on something else more useful to the end goal [a virtual reality]. I don’t like investors for the same reason. I prefer open development. I want the freedomt o cater to any customer request at any stage of development.

Something you simply can’t do in all the traditional development methods. I want to eb able to do what I just did. And say “nah, the last three years were crap, i am not even MAKING that game because…”

Now I don’t have to say that ever again. I know the exact clear path to a massive multiplayer virtual reality. And I know exactly what pieces of code and what people to contact to do it.

So now I have the freedom to make a smaller intro game. I know I want rpg elements. I don’t know single or multiplayer. SO let’s choose single.

FPS or third person? I wish I could ask people to comment in the box below. But I am starting with…………….. third.

He asked for Zelda and that’s closest to it in look. I can wait on the fancy graphics crap later, of course. By going “by the book” with OGL content [or in this case, “by the SRD rtf”] I am losing that “realism of other systems” but I am gaining a permanent item and character database easily translatable across mediums, platforms, and engines.

I am gaining the ability to infinitely add to an ever expanding database of items and equipment, people and places. I am gaining a system of calculating data that is not my favorite, BUT it can scale easily]

in fact that could be a name for the universe [as a project or game series its shared database and rules …]

OGLU [open game license universe]
nah.. that would maybe really piss some off.. ill just keep all that for the one page notice

no name yet but you i hope get the idea

im considering UniRPG and Ultimate FPS control [at a way later date] on unity.. due to their open source nature [as somebody pointed out]

all comments and requests.. what would be a DREAM zelda if no holds were barred? keep in mind i dont plan on coding a lot.. but i WILL be entering a crapton of data and handling many graphics this time around

of course

an fps would allow oculus rift
and really pretty guns

but i dont think fps is the best for that stuff
despite what snow crash says


One thought on “merry christmas world

  1. i really really love “fps control” but have yet to be able to see how i could contribute in the straight fps genre [my low budget means i cant as detailed characters and graphics unless i go with standards and suiteds]

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