The OGL and You

The Open Game License
so you want what part of an RPG,
to make a virtual world?
Intro: engine choice

at the end of the day
i do not have the time or resources left
to use a fully open source engine for my project
but i was able to learn
the difference between hobbyist/indie
and professional tools
such as used in the triple AAA games

and i was forced to understand a truth
it is better for me to sell out in my choice of tools
between guns and swords
to make a game
than be forced at a later date
to sell out the game itself
just to get it finished

i never finished college
but i just spent six years off and on
studying every tiny part i was missing
of creating a virtual reality
from the disparate types of technology we have available

at the end of the day i ended up going with the Unity4 engine due to a variety of reasons

chief among them is ready made connectivity with the mmo framework
technology available from the people a

i believe the fact that Unity is free, with the Pro version having a cost under 1000 euro
and the Unity Park Suite (mmo framework)w/ free trial and having a price of 550 euro

means that its close enough to open source, for those who do not actually need the, ya know.. Open SOURCE part of Open Source, just the “free” part. Unity and UPS are both very open as far as what they allow you to do, and so far they appear to be uncommonly flexible especially now that there is DirectX 11 and near all platforms

Part 1: Anatomy of an RPG

first there was mythology and lore, fantasy in general
it’s content level and the purpose of it varied from culture to culture
some more or less detailed, more or less adult, more or less religious
and enter the sci fi writers, who had no structure but their own, and what wondrous worlds they gave us from robert howard to lovecraft to jules verne and carnilla

then one day J.R.R. Tolkien came along
and took so much of mythology, and myth and folklore
and gave us the first big budget epic
but the budget was all him he was the cgi and the expensive writer
in his mind was created the tom cruise and kate blanchet
of the pieces of fictional world

he took so much of it all and moved all the pieces around
gave them an august derleth touch
of classic dramatic good and evil
where there was once neutral chaos
rhyme literally
and reason
for all the pain and suffering
until it was not chaotic or forces of nature or fate
but by the struggles of man
and his ideas
between themselves
and their own ideas
manifest as rulers of all things

we got our modern definitions of wizards
and orcs goblins giants elves and so many of everything
and content levels built in

that we call everything that only springs from the lens of that book
as fantasy
fast forward fast forward fast forward

dungeons and dragons
took it and showed us
that it was not the setting as much
what are the parts
the characters
the capabilities
what are the things in between the epic stories
that we dont see
that are just as epic
but part of some world where every part in the tale
writes itself

wizards and thieves and warriors and every other class
every other skill
levels of ability or power
hit points and attack damage and so many mechanics
that are the staple now
of virtual world design

they had a very specific name an identity and a brand
even non gamers knew something about it

the actual who what wheres and these sorts of things
are boiled down into what are called “Campaigns”
what we think of as “worlds”

in the hope of selling more of these campaigns,
thus generating more interest in the core product
the makers of the biggest pen and paper role playing game
decided to open source a lot of the components
of the world design
the relational math
the scaling and much of the settings
minus anything identifiable to the specific brand name
or special herbs and spices

and so a very meaty framework
for a wold of fantasy
in the vein of sword and sorcery
was made available

fast forward and
they added to this with books from other time periods
that cleanly connect, stat wise (enough)
to the fantasy world rules.. the rules of a whole reality
in relative terms, or more the STRUCTURE of a type of fabric
my imagination is a raging fire
it is not things that i need
to make what i want
it is limitations i need
to prevent wanting to make a world too detailed
to ever be a fun product

Part 2: ridley scott and comic book universes:

i needed a very very basic framework for a star trek star wars type world
but i didnt want to just “make a star wars star trek” type universe
i wanted some lovecraft
some magic
some cyberpunk some superhuman alien stuff
maybe some time or dimensional travel

i mean why not just toss it all in
and the open game license allows me to toss it all in
my goal was always very easy

ridley scott level of detail
no less would do

maybe ridley scott light
and miracle of miracles
“Prometheus” came out
and Avengers and Iron Man
and now i am inundated with the level of detail i need to emulate
to bridge the game between video games and film
that i envision virtual reality to be or potentially become

i do not want to focus on stories right this second
to me the universe itself is a story
everything about it before you even handle the characters and what they do exactly..
the worlds the technology the weapons and equipment
the vehicles and distances and speeds and travel times
all these things are what i think about

and the amount of framework in
the collection of connected open game license materials
was just enough for me to fill in all the blanks i have in my head
from thousands of hours of studying
and designing and engineering
planning and managing details

i will not worry about traditional
concepts like “game balance”
per se.. this is not a game
its sorta an interactive movie

my style of thinking is not as hard science so to speak
as ridley scott
because i like magic and a little fantasy
and i know there are elements
of what could be considered horror
or even comic book fantasy
heavy metal

that dont fit cleanly into other genres
this is not a genre specific world
i just have to make everything fit
and make sense
and then work on polish nuance
and all the math

in a way
it will be my take on
what if somehow
there was a hard science mixed with lovecraft
comic book company that was a third big studio
between marvel and dc comics
and they made an mmorpg?

the detail level should be about the same as a comic book or manga
with the same range of available actions as that or a Heavy Metal/Metal Hurlant

am i missing anything?
not really

its MY VERSION of “Elseworlds” or “What If?”

its a new take on “Being John Malkovich”


What if i took lovecraft ridley scott a touch of crhistopher nolan
sorcese and all my favorite directors kubrick
all fo them
and i too k my favorite actors and writers

they got into a battle royale
and ridley scott ate them all
and then so like
their souls are all swimming in ridley scott

and then

a new universe is born
where that entity is stan lee and
whatever suit was secretly behind dc all those years
cause i never figured out how it all connected
with no stan lee

and then later
in the same universe
the same entity
says “yeah guys you can make an mmorpg and use my world for it
but you have to let me manage you by putting this little microchip in your brain”

yeah so
alternate universe ridley scott version
of a comic book universe
the mmorpg but not
some sort of wierd thing
in between mmorpg
and movie


a multiplayer interactive not quite movie (definitely not still gamiISH compared to that)

i dunno
i have no way to explain it

i think im going to go email ridley scott like a fanboy fool
and say “duh hi i am making an mmorpg inspired by marvel comics universe but.. umm like what if you were stan lee?”

no that is dumb


see i do daydream
i daydream i was way crazier and stalkerish
than i am

i wish i was

because i have the sneaking suspicion
due to all these in the pipe big budget flicks
that my hannibal movie
with vin diesel and the roc

may be being delayed


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