every moment

every moment is a burning moment of neverendign pain
a hunger for your all
in my mind’s eye i literally spend every waking moment remembering your flesh

i focus every minute on the feeling of beign deep inside of you
drivign hard against your flehinside that sacred space
i focus every moment on funneling my energy to you, can you feel it
always hungry
ispend every moment remembering the feeling of my hands across your face
craving so desperately to slice it open
i spend every moment rememberign the feelign of my hands closign tight
on your neck always i held back alwys i restrained
always i had thre thirst to squeexze tighter til you fell unconsious
i spend every mpoment rememberign the feeling of my lips pressed full
against ypour neck my teeth sinking into skin
i spend every moment thinking of that ass i did not take thinking
of eatign your pussy while i get hard and fuck you for the secodn time
slowly fuckign your face with abandon with my soft cock until it grows
hard many minutes later and taking you again
this is how i spend all the moments of my life
because three times
you made me promise
to crave with the all ofmy existence
beign isndie fo you every second
meanign beign insdie your body
beign inside your mind
drivign deep deep inside your oul
and drinkign cravign prayign wantign
for you to be deep inside of mine
every moment we were together i restrained myself i held myself back
from you as much a si could
so i could savor giving into that hunger every moment
to die inside your arms to pour every ounce of my love and lust and
pleasure into every pore of you

each moment all i think al i drweeam all i want
with more power force of will and thought
than you could even imagine
each moment i crave
every light thing you have and every dark thing you desire
even the taboo you desperately try not to think about
i crave that too
and nothign else in life
do i crave
no words no touches sno sights no sounds
just your flesh
and every dayi do not have it
every moment you do not wirte and call and talk and whsiepr to me of it
i wish so dearly desire so much
that you would carve my flesh instead of yours
that you would lovingly drive that blade deepinto my heart and drink
the last oucne of the blood of my life
because withotu your words
withotu the curve and touch fof you
withotu your pain and hunger for me to enjoy and lovingly feed when
and only if you know its real and cravign me

i want to die
not just die
iwant you to kill me
its not sad or depressign or painful liek with you
because i know what i crave i know what my death is
i crave not to destroy myself i crave YOU to destroy me
i crave not to die i crave to die inside of you
icrave not to hatemyself or ripoff my skin
i crave for your need to do it for me
or i crave to devour to destroy to rape or taste you
not only with the hungers that i feed you with
not only with the love and lust i give you
icrave to destroy you as i am doign even now
with your uiunknwon with your uncertainty
with your ignorance to the factthat you crave me need em want me in that embrace
every moment you hate every moment you sdespise
i know for a fact that i coudl end that pain
with my lust
with my love
kjust by trapign tastign cuttign you
i wish youd save that pain for me i wish youd save that skin for me
and i wish you coudl enjoy the pain of all i deny you as much as the
pleasure and pain fo all i give


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