2.4 – UDK RPG/Conversation Tuts

please visit neopangaia.com – the adult mmorpg/virtual planet earth

There are many amazing tutorial sites for UDK.  Among my favorites was a set written by Joris Olde Bijvank that covered conversations other RPG related subjects. Unfortunately they were taken down. Luckily he recently posted a comment at https://underworldmmo.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/022-3d-assets-page-up-udk-essential-tuts-for-mmorpg/ about replacing and updating those tutorials. GREAT NEWS!!

His comment, with updated information about the tutorials is listed below. P.S. – I will be cleaning up this blog to make information easier to find pretty soon. Sorry for the mess.
NOTE: please visit http://neopangaia.com (the adult mmorpg/virtual planet earth)

Hello everybody,

I’m Joris Olde Bijvank, owner of the previously hacked site http://www.olde-bijvank.nl. Last night I’ve been restoring the site and was able to recover most of the tutorials.

Because I cannot keep the old tutorial site running (for security and personal reasons) I’ve exported all the tutorials I recovered to PDF files. There were many markup errors in the files so I’ll be editing the files a bit before uploading them to http://www.ladybirdgames.com.

I hope the tutorials will be helpful to you.

Kinds Regards,

Joris Olde Bijvank


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