1.5 Open Development (my definition) – Transmission One

What is Open Development? Imagine every single fan sitting in on the making of the DVD extras, asked for comments and ideas, BEFORE the film is even made. For the five years of preproduction and testing, we have invited fans from all over the world to contribute on our social networking website (which is being remade at http://neopangaia.com).

Forums, members, groups

The site is less a place to show you what we are making than a place to share ideas about how, when, why, and exactly what is should be. Of course it is also a place to host footage, progress, and discuss development not only of the first game, but the project as a whole.

Our five year goal is to make a near photorealistic, planet sized virtual world. One product is a free virtual world, the second is a for pay video game in a sci-fi/action/fantasy themed version of said world.

The first product is a sex and violence infused MORBIUS (multiplayer online role-based infinite universe shooter (first and third person)) that expands/evolves over time.

have to think of a better name first thing.. lol


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