031 – Buy “Scott Pilgrim VS The World”

Metric – Black Sheep – Brie Larson cover “Scott Pilgrim VS The World”
Buy “Scott Pilgrim VS The World” Right Now!! Support great filmaking!

I have never been passionate about voting for elected officials. But as someone who literally owes his own life and theĀ  lives of others to quality cinema… Especially in these dark times.. I BELIEVE that we as a people have an obligation to VOTE with our pocketbooks to ensure the continued creation of films and art that feed our souls.

With that in mind… much more than my own project (this game) I strongly urge any and everyone who reads this to BUY “Scott Pilgrim VS The World” so that we can ensure quality viewing for our generation and the succeeding one.

To me it’s like voting. Our dollars ensure at least, that Hollywood will gamble with alternatives more often. Scott VS did not have amazing theater sales, so that means, unfortunately, that only buying massive quantities of the DVD will send the proper statement.

Did I mention I love this film? That and “Blues Brothers” (and “Ninth Gate” perhaps)

Support Michael Cera (yayy to news of the “Arrested Development” film)


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