027 – MUST SEE: Scott Pilgrim VS The World

(before we start.. Brad Allan is my favorite fight choreographer ever). I suppose, from the point of view of expressing pretty much exactly what a student of heavy metal, street fighter 2, japanese flicks and clint eastwood westerns and hong kong action films (and more even their comic books) would idealize.. Scott Pilgrim VS The World is a pretty awesome film.
From the point of view of someone creating a post apocalyptic virtual world.. it strangely does a great job of portraying what i would expect the day to day in our virtual world to be like.

well of course.. toss in a few spiritual scenes .. a few adult ones as well.. and perhaps a bit more genetic diversity to explain the abilities.. but what would you expect the world to be like if it was in the future and inhabited by characters from world mythology.

even down to the ninja ninja revolution being so similar to what i was planning.  i expect the classic science fiction films to inform devices and environments just like the classic novels.

But the combination of writers, visionaries, actors and choreographers and stuntmen in a  perfect piece of action cinema nowdays are just as much influencing the virtual world as they are the real one.

Films like Inception and Avatar only bring this point closer to home.  I tried over the years to stay away from video games, to maintain a sort of “purity and honesty to being able to say i didn’t even accidentally steal ideas away from other game developers.. If I have time this year I will branch out to other games perhaps.

But with today’s movies, a combination of artists depict the virtual world through the same eyes drenched in the same subcultural artforms as me (and a whole generation of artists).

But I suppose, it’s never a bad thing to relate to a film that was created by so many artists you have been following the entirety of their careers. All I can say is that I hope it becomes a monster on DVD to make up for it’s lack of standard ticket sales.

And  much like I have done for dozens of Hong Kong action films in their entirety and snippets of american films from here and there, I expect to learn about fight choreography the same way I did about dancing by watchign classic films and dancers growing up.

If only the same team was given an all asian cast and hired to do Street Fighter BEGINS. (and please squeeze in the guy that played the baddie in Hellboy Golden Army).. oh well I can dream right? some things like David Lynch’s Dune 2 are just dreams.

Those two films really taught me just as much about virtual world design as a Hans Moravec book did decades ago.


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