013 – living archetypes – Tanit Phoenix

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this project is all about archetypes.. living them.. manifesting them.. and virtually exploring them. as the developer of the game i myself am exploring an archetype (nyarlathotep to be specific) my background previously can be found at facebook/neopangaia

but who inspires ME not the personal sort of inspiration i get from random folks.. but simply.. what sort fit into strange un specified archetypes..

like woody allen? What people represent the complex and difficult to describe archetypes we all have in our subconscious? Tanit Phoenix is our first recipient of the “Living Archetype” award why after the break. No it’s not for anything more than an active interest in quantum physics and humanitarian work.. really.

now i need to find a smoking hot nuclear physicist like in the movies.. jk

Tanit Phoenix (born 24 September 1982 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal[1]) is a South African Supermodel [2] and an international Actress.[3]


Model career

Phoenix started her career at the age of 15 and has starred in (and is the face of) commercials for American Swiss Jewellery, Nivea, Alberto VO5, Multi-billion dollar Aria (Casino) (Las Vegas), Transitions Lenses, Volvic and Veet.[4] She worked as an International fashion model for Munich Models, Why Not Model Agency – Milan, Model Management – Hamburg, Ice Model Management – Cape Town and Success Models – Paris.[5] In September 2005, 2006 and now in 2010, she was the cover girl of Cosmopolitan magazine. [6] Tanit made quite a name for herself as a dare-devil after she starred in the European TV ad for Fa showergel, skydiving topless from the heavens. She was then chosen to be the cover girl in the German men’s magazine Maxim and then the Cover girl for American Maxim the year after [7]. Tanit has also been on the covers of men’s magazine FHM [8] and frequently been shot for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Marie Claire magazine, Shape and GQ magazines.[9]

Movie career

Tanit Phoenix began her acting career as Candy in Lord of War opposite Nicolas Cage and Jared Leto , [10] and had her second role the Canadian mystery series Charlie Jade as Malachi’s associate in the Episode Things Unseen, [11] then the following year starred opposite Wesley Snipes in the horror film Gallowwalker. In 2010, she starred in the horror film Lost Boys: The Thirst[12] and the sci-fi film Death Race: Frankenstein lives opposite Sean Bean, Ving Rhames and Danny Trejo.[13] Tanit has just completed filming the comedy Spud (the Film) opposite John Cleese in South Africa. [14]

Personal life

When her work schedule allows, Tanit travels to 3rd world countries where she lives with local tribes people in the jungle working with wild animals. Tanit Phoenix is very passionate about animals, and has become known as an animal activist. Her family farm organic medicinal plants. Tanit supports the South African Guide-Dogs Association, Save the Elephant Foundation & Touch a Monkey’s Heart foundation.[15]. Tanit means Goddess of Love in Phoenician. Recent discovery on Tanit Phoenix’s family history: The family name, Phoenix, dates back to the early 1800’s, where they originated from Ireland, Tullylish. She is also descendant from a Mediterranean and Dutch blood line.

Tanit has been studying Anthropology, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and the Quantum mind, the science of Imagery and World Religion, over the past several years inbetween her busy work schedule.

What is most amazing is though we know her to be a vivacious, vibrant, tenacious women when it comes to her work, and an independent free thinker when it comes to her studies; it is her passion for natural herbal medicines and self-sustainable living that truly shows her depth of character. All this along with her Hypnotherapy and Guided meditation degree and being a qualified Reiki practitioner, has given her an intellectual depth that adds to her striking looks.

Phoenix also immersed herself in activities like playing guitar, and fire spinning and she is also trained in the explosive art of Muay Thai boxing. She is a dancer, her mother enrolled her in Ballet from the age of 5, where she excelled and danced for 10 years.


Year Film Credited as
Actor Role
2005 Lord of War Yes Candy
Crazy Monkey Presents Straight Outta Benoni Yes Megan Alba
2008 Kamasutra Nights Yes Alexandria
2010 Gallowwalker Yes Angel
Lost Boys: The Thirst Yes Gwen Lieber
Spud Yes Eve
Vauxhall Crossed Yes MI6 Officer Daisy Scarlett
2011 Death Race: Frankenstein Lives Yes Katrina Banks (post-production)


Year Title
2008 Charlie Jade as Malachi’s associate #1
2009 The Philanthropist as Lap Dancer


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3 thoughts on “013 – living archetypes – Tanit Phoenix

  1. Tanit is an amazing woman, as I have read to date. She truly embodies the spirit of a worldy, enlightened and compasionate woman who has not only worked closely with wild animals, she studies hypnotherapy, the Quantum mind, medinical plants and self sustainable living, and she is very spiritual. I would love to meet her.

    • over the years i have met many people in places like new york, london, tampere, shanghai, dallas, and they came from every part of the world. people that seem to inhabit an archetypal ideal.

      these things are not talents or gifts or even insights, but simply CHOICES about what we do with our time , money, and energy.

      if even ONE (extra) percent of “average” american teens decided to simply MOVE to another country and stay there for at least five years.. marry there.. the world would change in one generation. alas life is not always this way.

      but some folks inspire with the choices they make of their time and energy.. not simply on the physical level (ie volunteering) but the mental and spiritual as well.

      what the outcome of those choices.. and who they choose to make their journeys through reality with say volumes.

      i hunt inspiration and if i can pass it on with choice, then so be it. thanks for commenting.. so few do (strangely enough since i will be transitioning this site content to subjective as opposed to objective in the very near future)

  2. i totally agree.. but why stop at meeting her? that’s the point i suppose, that i was trying to make. why not explore how to manifest those interesting qualities in your own life as well. in any event, totally agree with you there.

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