009 – Saga of Ryzom released Open Source

While the core technology (known as Nevrax) was open source for some time, it did not have sufficient code to actually MAKE a real MMORPG. The actual child game (Saga of RYzom) has now become Open Source, although the engine technology is now many years old. Nevertheless, this announcement makes that choice the only viable one for an indie developer looking to make an MMORPG. Will ponder for a bit but still likely to move forward with an UE3 based project as a starter. possibility of doing both.. will see. will keep posted.



One thought on “009 – Saga of Ryzom released Open Source

  1. so which way to go hmm? full on mmo first with older engine tech or high tech fpsrpg hybrid with limited multiplayer features and enhanced interaction

    either way same amount of time for me to get something out and same amount of time to move forward from that to a better product

    im leaning towards the former (more detailed mmorpg)

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