001 – New UMMO site underway

This site is moving to it’s new home at http://nysius.com/ummo it is being built on a foundation of WordPress MU, Buddypress and a bunch of other plugins (list will be made when site done). Basically it is two many years waiting projects in one.

The first is a Anime, Gaming Development, Fantasy, Mythology social networking and news site (slowly.. slowly) and the second is a game specifc site that is a subsite of the first.

So testing goes well at Nysius.com, the community site where I will be hosting various sites for the UMMO project (and related projects as well). I realized today that it REALLY is designed for a Social Network. It takes the bbPress forum plugin and totally reorganizes it to better create “Discussion “Groups”.

I will try out using Simple:Press (http://simplepressforum.com/) at the UMMO specific site (replacing this one and the old community site “Neopangaia Nation”. If the test works out successfully, then that means any individual member of the Nysius community who creates a site MIGHT also be able to create their own forums as well (should I leave that feature on for all new sites later down the line).

That may be months down. Until then it means that all of the subsites that are part of the Nysius community will be able to have their own forums instead of “sharing” the discussion groups of the main site (which now will be able to remain part of a separate entity.. an idea which I like.

In any event. Since that is the case, I won’t be pushing very hard for new members to be signing up until that is fully tested. I will keep you posted here.


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