108 – Peragro Still Going Strong – Open Source MMORPG Engine

For those who haven’t slogged through every post on here for nuggets of helpful information.. There are two Open Source MMORPG engines in the works. goto http://peragro.org.

The first is called Peragro and is a really interesting MMORPG engine (open source game as well) built using Crystal Space engine and with some interesting features (limitless terrain, night/day cycle, etc etc)

They have been making solid consistent progress (and in fact have functioning pieces you can use now to get started) and I expect them to continue to do so.
Highly reccommended. In fact we may still use that engine, once the “DEMO” and play testing version is out using UDK..

The future is an unknown but for the present we want to experiment with and cement game math and other playables (including design).

The second is a gamedev framework called Indiezen (which will have an MMO component). I recently checked Peragro.org and noticed progress in a lot of areas.

had a chance to use the engine for a few months while evaluating it for either current or future use. I must say I absolutely adored what I saw so far.

The team is enthusiastic and has been steadily improving it over the years. It literally has all I could have asked for in an engine.

It’s cross platform nature and the fact that teh codebase is still evolving, made me choose to not use it for the Demo/Alpha version of UMMO we are currently working on.

Once more gets set in stone I will open up the official game site which will have lengthier articles, and a forum where fans can discuss the implementation of the design during production (a process I also allowed during the design phase of preproduction, which was a couple years ago).

While UDK as it stands is not sufficient for the full blown project (although UE3 and Atlas are), ti will more than suffice as a sort of Battleground, Arena, or “Starting Area” type of project which can help bring funds interest eyes and volunteers which will usher in a proper version.

Although I wanted to simply start at the MMORPG level from the jump, a series of technological and financial hurdles (along with a rigid design) prevented that.

This middle step is the best way to move forward. To that end I have also made the move to full telecommuting projects only, to allow for more time.

Where was I?

Oh yeah… Peragro is so awesome. Nothign is as fun as compiling a program yourself and knwoign you can tweak it exactly the way you want for your project.

What they are attempting to do is create a truly and completely Open Source MMORPG engine in FULL, game included, to serve as a building block for independent MMORPG developers all over the world.

If had not already sank so much time and money into the project, i would simply be happy with that engine and work with it moving forward.

As it is, one fo my potential aims is to use whatever interest and funds are generated over the next year or two and put them back into the Peragro project anyways.

But… I won’t guess the future, right nwo there are a million things I know need doing ebtween now and when i want a playable out (dec 22, 2010).

It will be very basic, compared to the final game,. But it will include all of the themes, abilities, and processes we have been discussing.

I won’t promise anything more than what is stock at the moment, despite having roadmaps for all of those things. Why? There is a certain graphic level I want to achieve that I am willing to sacrifice many details for during the first year of production.

Because I am using all public domain characters and plotlines, for the most part, there is nothing but the telling of the story that can be copy written, the style of it.. per se.

I want to use this project to fill in the extra texture that ws always in my imagination, for characters, events, stories, and locations you have already become familiar with from fiction or shared dream.

Ack.. ramble ramble as usual..

The simple point is this: If you are an independent developer (who doesnt read chinese) and are looking for an MMORPG engine to start building and playing with (or learning on) Peragro is awesome.

I hope to be able to say the same about Indiezen Worlds when ti is released, but I won’t even dive into the code until that module is at least in testing phase.

All this will become much easier to deal with once Hardware Tessellation (and other DX11 pieces) come over to OpenGL. And as usual.. I wish either a large company or small developer would just go ahead and make some MMO server code public already.

WHY doesn’t the Open Source community tie together a server like Mangos (but stable up to large volumes fo players) with an open source client like OGRE already?

WHY? Peragro and Indiezen for now are the answer to that question.


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