104 – Avatar and World of Warcraft

Perhaps when I actually have some content posted (geez besides pics from 2005 and writing from 1999, all my web based content has been deleted and the computers that hosted my 3d work have long since vanished into the seas of time (along with their hard drives).

What can I say? I am taking a long break from both posting content generated by me in any form, and I am also taking a short break from reading about, writing about, and reviewing other people’s content.

But I suppose in the essence of casting my vote, I wanted to say that Avatar was amazingly detailed and lush visually and did indeed have the sort of story detail level (and themes) that I like t have in my interactive products (perhaps I prefer a bit more detail in my films, ala Masamune Shirow.. but whatever…)

I loved it as a work of art shepherded by a singular mind amplified and working in concert with hundreds of other people to bring that vision to life.

In any event, work steadily progresses and decisions are being made to reduce the amount of wait time for you folks. I want to get a few more details set in stone before setting up a new website and inviting volunteers and fan discussion/contribution again.

I only have one shot to make a first impression, as they say. Which reminds me. Avatar is teh first film that I can look at and say “I have no intention of coming anywhere NEAR that detail level in a realtime project”

At the same time, fans of this project know that dedicated hardware has already been mapped out WELL to be able to provide that exact experience in realtime for patrons of the UMMO Cafe.. lol

In any event. The more I read about Cameron the more akin I feel to him, the more I realize that various elements of what folks call “Asshole” are required to get your vision out in a TIMELY fashion (as opposed to the several decades of nice guys like Tolkien or the five years I have put into just preproduction on UMMO)

Anyways. I apologize again to fans and thank them for their patience. All I can say is that there are a LOT of factors, both personal, and public, which go into the ABILITY (in this modern legal era) to truly creaste a DETAILED and honest DX11 Generation simulation of.. Hentai/Lovecraft/BDSM/Gor/Leone/Conan/Shirow

Prickly issue, avoiding parents, the fate of Max Hardcore (jailtime) and insanity (which I already dipped into thank you very much). But so far so good. We are well on the way to producing a modern virtual update to those things.

Ironic that Utah is the highest detail virtual terrain available for free to the public. If anyone knows better, let me know. If not. I can safely say that the first levels terrain is now quite literally set in (5M increments that is) stone…

The first characters are set in stone as well. The rest (you know, the parts I actually have to do) are the same as they have been for the past few years. I suppose, for now, I will encapsulate the entirety of what would have been the first version of the game in that area (Utah)

As a tester.. as a first version.. as something to generate interest and income for the REST. Anbd that for em is interesting in and of itself. The journey of the design of the first few levels from 2005 to now.

A mixture of both plans (artificial and small zones ala Warcraft versus planet sized MMORPG) to start off with. COOL.

The engine is chosen for this version as well (UDK) which brings its own plusses and minuses. Anyways. As you may have noticed. I am not really paying too much attention to what goes on this site as long as it serves as a searchable reference for me, an electronic dev journal of sorts.. only filled with the bits I havent burned into my memory that is

(thousands of pages by now.. I used to use notebooks but decided to just go straight Jay Z with it.. you know.. the should be poet laureate who never writes stuff down… I cant say thats an option for me.. but what you see here is the majority of what I DO have to write down)

As for world of warcraft. They are ever more simplifying the game to either retain or increase their already HUGE playerbase. Makes sense. To start off with I will most likely be going the opposite direction.

I expect this game to eventually be quite complicated, and nowhere NEAR balanced. I am not trying to get massive numbers, those will come eventually. i want to start SMALL and grow from there over a three year period…

So now that all the pieces are in place, begin the One Year sprint to see what we can put out. And the product of that one year sprint will hopefully pave the way for the REAL MMO we all want to dive into.

Over the next few weeks expect me to write about various elements of gameplay as they relate to our two major contributors to the development of this project (the BDSM community and the PVP players as well as Mythology fanatics)

Many of the themes in question in this project (Undeath, Mythology, Apocalyptic Truths and Gnosis) are starting to get really popular in the world at large (if anyone knows a great skinny guitarist from Chicago named Travis, please tell him to visit this site and leave a post)

And oh yeah my character in World of Warcraft is called Baphomeh. Alliance Night Elf Death Knight on server “Demon Soul” guild “The Old Ones”

If anyone wants to chat or ask questions, please email pan_gaia@yahoo.com

In any event… more to come later.. peace.


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