066 – Scope of this year’s version

Our development box finally came in (details next post) so it’s really time to define the “Scope” of the product to be released Q4:2011 -Q2:2012 (either way we will be releasing a playable version Dec 22, 2011 and clips and screens beforehand as well as STILL carrying out what we call “Open Development”).

Planned Beta date Dec 22 2011. Engine: UDK, current maximum allowed players per area/server: 64. Design (several KM sq “areas”) as stated in Old Neopangaia Nation Community site (site now defunct.. updated geography coming soon).

Imagine characters in a traditional MMO starting out at the equivalent (on a scale of 1-100) at 75 with no skills weapons or abilities, then evolving through picked up items and skills (from NPCs, game logic wise equivalent to weapons)

Skills will include martial, movement, and sensual

There will be meters for Qi, Heka (metaphysical energy), Adrenalin (many of these can affect the others, depending on race). The general language of the items will be from ancient Egyptian, as the primary Narrator (Nyarlathotep) is from “the sands of Egypt”

An aspect of him will be the one to detail most of the primary themes and systems in game, as the supposed architect of the Virtual world of the beta (a series of artificial islands similar to oceania in an alternate reality future).

The geography encompasses several “areas” of different sizes (depending on number of objects. the “wasteland” area has a desert-like clime and is composed of hundreds of miles (with characters and objects scaled down drastically)

The forest and city areas are much smaller, being only several miles across but very dense (including floating cities, satellites, tree cities, and underground cities/underworld)

Hopefully, we will be able to master a usable form of the volume streaming capability of the engine to allow much larger areas, but with the arbitrary character limit of 64 per server, that may be irrelevant, as we expect dense character dispersion.

The game will allow multiplayer interpersonal action, including combat, which will play out very similar to small film action scenes. Characters will be able to choose their animation sets, omitting certain actions completely. because of using multiple servers, we will have specific servers for different grades of content.

Subscribers can select their server options during purchase (or beta signup) and will only receive updates and notifications from those server (and rating) types.

During this phase (development/phase one prototype production), there will only be mature (action) and mature (adult content)

Our first (target) demographic is the adult anime/fetish community, for more details, please read the side articles at this site for content. Our content level will be consistent with Urotsukidoji (in certain areas and during primary development) with combat content influenced by the many interpretations of Shirow Masamune.

He once released an Open Source world (and i would have GLADLY spent a lifetime doing just that one project) but at some later date retracted that material to be used Open Source.

Nevertheless, the interpretations of his work in film define the level of adult content in the martial field for me. (for a singular film, see “Ghost in The Shell“)

Expect a variety of environments matching our old design.
There will be more details about each area both coming in this devblog and in a structured format in the upcoming website (which i am still undecided about which system it will use).

i want to rely on only open source technologies, but i must admit that i like the JomSocial plugin (approximately $100) for joomla (which our previous community site was built in, and a system that had all the features i adore in a social network, courtesy of the open source community builder plugin and me coding in about a dozen other open source plugins.

At the end of the day, however, i will stay with the WordPress platform, using the Buddypress plugin by Andy Peatling to add extra functionality.

It will most likely take a while for me to really design the rest of the site the way i absolutely like it, at the level with which I would do a similar site for a corporate customer.

Ultimately, i like the theming system in WordPress, i like giving the fans options and choices of art styles, both current, and in the future. i want to use WordPress for the UMMO site to gain the already existing global community of great designers, freeing me up to focus on other things.

Ultimately it will take me a while to get all the features, such as gallery, forums, and profiles to have a unified theme (whichever one i choose to base the main site on), but it will be worth it.

Some of the features i want may have to be manually coded in, but that is what a major game company simply HAS to do at times. i don’t want to skimp in any area regardless of the fact that they all have to be done by a small crew.

Expect to slowly see text for each page and section here on this site (pages that will appear in the new site in a more structured fashion).

How will it play? Combat is not necessary for progression, imagine it sort of like being a level 60 player in world of warcraft with a lot less talents and skills to be picked up on the way to “80”

There will be adult content which will be a “possible” gameplay component (depending on server). There will be martial arts skills and multiple playable races and vehicles fo a variety of types.

More of these will be detailed in text, images, and in game screenshots over the next year.

UPDATE: http://www.dirtyfantasies.com/ is a site that caters to our target market as well. Warning Adult Content

After some investigation, I have found out that it’s pretty easy to get setup with a relatively infinite stream of content by signing up as a webmaster. Obviously I would specialize in Hentai.

So what I will do is create a website that caters to our target market (such as the one listed above) and hope that it can generate enough income to help offset development.


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