060 – Andy Kaufman

I find myself sort of boring when it comes to art. My favorite lens tells volumes about me.. The Canon 50mm 1.0 (no longer manufactured). But really I prefer the 1.4. Why? It approximates the human eye. but more importantly, with the right temperature settings.. I can make it approximate my mind’s eye..

NOTE: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2009/12/fail_duke_nukem/
The Rise and Fall of Duke Nukem Forever

Writing Misc

I like to imagine what my own imagination’s version of my favorite artist WOULD imagine.. in my place. I wonder what would happen if Andy Kaufman was an adult sim developer. Would he go as hard as Hustler? Would he go as far as Caligula, would he instead focus on some of the deeper mental issues involved in the game Sociolotron?

I can’t say for sure there is a writer I look UP to and say “that is the gold standard of expression of the surreal”.. Surely painters, surely poets, but.. writers.. prose? I like bits and pieces of everyone.. but so do many people.

I try to imagine what terrance mcKenna would imagine virtual reality to appear as, and there is a great place to start. Because he was not the sort who would dicTATE what shape it would take. He would simply hope that it was willed into life in what shape it best should take.

In the end i look at it like a simulator of the minds of many writers from homer to rumi or barker or the 1001 nights.. frank herbert but without the editor to decide or even the writer.. which scenes to show or focus on.

in a virtual world they all exist now.. from wall to wall every inch of the imaginary world of the writer is there to have interact with and put on a show for the player. there are always dark bits and blobs within the imaginary world of fiction. and as a reader we can flesh it out whicher way we need to from the texture of the writer.

this project is a chance to detail all those elements that are normally just crumbs and shades in other multimedia projects. not so that the entire game focuses on them.. but just so that the whole length of imaginary action is represented in the interactive medium in a structured way.

a secondary thing.. of course like andy kaufman or any genius.. is to inspire and to cause the participant to further explore their own lives. by using mythology as a template bit for bit to the game and characters and objects and stories.. we automatically have a depth and complexity that to this day has not fully been deciphered.

an infinite depth of story told in bits and pieces.. providing and creating heroes and villains that shape the world around the player. the creative process for me is working on a very specific texture shape style blend combination of these things

the ultimate in open source.. in a hope that the sum will be much more than it’s parts

the one exception is, of course, hp lovecraft.. his themes and characters, much like mythology.. have several centuries more to be debated and explored in multiple mediums.


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