028 – Visual Studio 2010

We’ll start off after the break talking about hardware and then moving onto the headlining subject.

Testing Windows 7 64Bit on my Boss’ laptop these days. Acer Aspire 5100 with 1 GB (of which a huge chunk gets used by the ATI x1100 integrated GPU). I can’t get the Sprint Broadband working on the Compass 597 (gave up trying .. a first for me) so I am using the Cricket modem (which seems to work smoother on 64 bit to me)

Ask most developers that work on Microsoft Windows to name their tool of choice and “Visual Studio” is the answer you will hear very often as their reply.

If you assumed this was simply because Microsoft Languages on Microsoft Operating Systems probably run best in Microsoft IDEs (Integrated Development Environments).. you would only be “partially” right.

Beyond the performance enhancements you would expect in said circumstances, Visual Studio (at least to me) has always been a pretty usable piece of software that was relatively lacking in significant problems and adequate in it’s ability to evolve with time.

Once I became more and more involved with development (I have been involved in Application Development 9-5 since the early 1990s.. and in this project since 2005), my usage and appreciation of Microsoft’s Visual Studio kept rising.

I took a break from using it for about six months, and when I used it again, the 2008 Express Editions had been released. I was surprised that a “free” version of the tool was available to the public (it doesn’t allow plugins)

Recently, migrating to a new machine and making the preparations to make this a development machine, I went to find the free version of Visual Studio.

Imagine my surprise to find not just version 1 but version 2 of the Beta for Visual Studio 2010. The interface looks it has had a substantial overhaul, to go along with Windows 7.

Here is the link


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