misc 016 – in game footage

i wanted to take this time to apologize for the lack of in game footage, screenshots of bits and bobs and this and that.. i have made them over the years and i delete that sh@*

as a one person dev team, i honestly dont have the time to do that sort of thing. i have done the occasional screen and test shots of everythign frm interface to terrain to effects, and even whole screenshots..

i have even posted all in game and out of game renders on a site before.. but with an unknown final engine, always evolving designs, and developing (not defined) tools and pipelines…

i simply decided to have the first images of the project be exactl hat i feel represents teh game.. and theres a LOT of work i will be doing to each and every model and texture that we use in the game.

this modification wont only be done to force every asset to conform to singular art style.. it will also be done to raise (or lower) the quality and detail of the art to match the level of the game

the unfortunate side effect of this has been that a lot of people think this might be vaporware.. i dont have the time to do unnecessary work just to convince people otherwise..

this year will be initial construction of the assets and a series of small video clips of gameplay (done like trailers) and action “scenes” will be released every few months

i would rather have those clips (and whatever other media i release this year) serve as an example of what the final art will be like .. or even the art direction itself..

the original plan was to somehow find a model or volunteer to use as the source for textures, animation, and audio for a lot of the assets, but due to the type and quantity of that work (and our budget) that has been literally impossible (with my current efforts in searching, which is more strategic than effective)

i figured that a blog about the production itself 9and all teh crazy hijinks that entails) would probably develop enough of a following to pay for the first stages of production (still a viable plan)

but after losing too much time, money, and stress trying to accomplish that (and running into lots of people who don’t share my focus in producing the project) i have decided to start production without having a live model and simply use the project itself (already being released in various stages) to find someone

i didnt want to release some of the screen and animation tests i had done over the years.. even they looked awesome.. they didnt reflect the final designs or direction the project would end up going in and i knew it..

people send me emails and they are always like “where can i download the game?” i know people think the images on the old site (http://underworld.wecometoplay.com/commented/target0.html) are great but they dont represent what i want the game to look like.. they are just starting points done by a variety of artists (most of them using the same exact models i want in the game)

i dont know what will happen.. the collection of models we have always changes and i love to rebuild it.. i am always hoping i will find a better 3d model or 2d texture.. and a lot of the ones i posted the images of are just placeholders for ones i want to remake myself

the game itself will often control the camera in between moments of important user decision making.. for the result of having a cinematic play experience (instead of the occasional cinematic)

that type of camera control, and how it interacts with gameplay.. has to be tested a LOT before it gets to the “feel” i am going for (imagining).. same with the models and objects an textures themselves

the only NON shifting examples of the game art (even at a design level) that i could post are the ones already posted.. and created by others..

everything i create on the various machines used during preproduction has been lost.. somewhere in a stack of tiny laptop hard drives i wont be touching again until the game is already done..

the hard drives from the first two years of work are totally lost anyways (along with the computers they were in)

that is all different this year.. the first real year of production.. everything i do this year as part of the game production will be released online..

anyways.. thats what i wanted to say about that..

(beyond what is already finely done by a variety of company retained artists and marketing departments of the companies we buy models from.. and posted here (http://underworld.wecometoplay.com/commented/target0.html)

(majority of base models from http://www.daz3d.com)


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