misc 012 – hot ass action

as production slowly stirs and preproduction comes to an end (does it ever end? no) the bar is ever raised higher.. not just because of the new action and effects set pieces that are released, but because of older pieces of interactive art that i may have missed before

today’s list, unfortunately is composed of films that i dont expect to have mentioned before.. for classics, i can only hope you have read my writing before. or i suppose i might get back to writing list, guide another time (til then i just (lightly use wikipedia to cover the major works)

i assuem a few things about my action fans.. i assume they have seen all the works of “Beat” Takeshi, John Woo, Yuen Woo Ping, (preferrably Miyamoto Musashi and a few games such as Legacy of Kain (part one), Metroid (and Super Metroid), Street Fighter II (i suppose i’ll be nice and also add any game that has Akuma, Link, Samus Aran in it), Dracula X (Castlevania X) Symphony of the Night (and the classic arcade game “Raiden“)

My all time favorite action scene at present (simply because i find it hard to outdo) is the scene in “Final Fantasy Advent Children” where one character slides under (a backflipping) separate character and pulls a firearm out of their holster and fires it (at a third character).

I also really liked “Legend of the Shadowless Sword

I happen to find Nia Peeples in “Half Past Dead” to be the most underrated action performance/character ever (I assume also owing a lot to her stunt double). To me I am making a simulation of action cinema/novels

So that means lots of precalculated fight sequences and interpersonal actions (similar to the weapon on weapon “clashes” in Dynasty Warriors (Part one on playstation one)

I sometimes imagine how good the fighting scenes in the movie “Pootie Tang” would have been if they were directed by the guy from “Bourne Identity” (still using the belt weapon like some sort of black Jedi)

basically to me characters are little glasses that hold within them series of awesome animations and actions (from a time and cost point of view to me). they have dialogue and story and costumes and backstory.. but all of that is text, and im a 120 wpm non writer’s block getting sorta guy… its been written and rewritten and detailed and broken down and rewritten and commented on and rewritten so many times by now..

but the actual animations themselves.. not only are they the largest time/money sink for me (sort of like CGI and actors in a film, for example).. but they can be used (before completion of the rest of the game itself, server code, etc etc) to nto only make a playable game itself, but also serve as the basis (or result of) for little trailers and previews of the gameplay.

With major films (like “9” and “District Nine“) being produced on the fate of short video clips less than 45 minutes long, I have decided that the best way to move forward is to join that sea of material in ways BESIDES just the full MMORPG.

We need to do other things besides plod on that one goal, in order to raise capital, awareness, and actually get real work done while those deeper and more complex elements are tweaked, developed, and manifested.

Often when i look at action pieces for inspiration, it may not be the most elaborate exciting thing. it is often something subtle (like old charlie chaplin) that makes me inspired to create cool animations for the little things players do a million times a day.. not just “Specials”

obviously i read lots of “best of” lists to find good action sequences, but overall i have my own idea of what fits into the same universe as Sergio Leone Westerns and Kung Fu Panda

These days the main thing I have been paying attention to is how light and textures and camera angles (and nowdays, blurriness and even mm size/view angle) I compare and contrast films to find what “looks” better (to me)

I imagine that often when two characters of differing strengths get into combat situations in different arenas (and the preset intentions of the more powerful character) many different scenes of varying length would be acted out . allowing me to choreograph really cool fight scenes instead of just hacks and slashes

Sort of like when you watch a classic Western or Martial Arts film, you already KNOW who is good enough to beat who before the sowrds are drawn (or guns or fists or feet)

There are still many calculations, but often (the ones typically seen in most rpgs) they are not necessary to launch any one of many different “outcomes” in any combat scenario (which includes not combat interactivity such as yoga, sensuality, magic, or healing ..which relies on math but not necessarily combat).

These “outcomes” are similar to “fight scenes” or “sex scenes” or the bits and bobs of films you see in movie trailers. The math of character development and player choices serves to navigate each player through a library of “scenes”

some of them solo, some player vs nature, some player vs player. i love films.. i love books.. i love graphic novels.. i love terrance mckenna.. and i love mythology.. i aslo liked “dragon’s lair

just because i am using the technology of video games or simulations doesn’t mean i have to be stuck in that medium, artistically. i remember adoring choose your own adventure books, even though i often cheated and tried every possible combination after a while (something many people do in MMORPGs as well)..

im hoping that having a bit more control over the player experience on a moment to moment basis (often including camera angles, when “scenes” are launched) will allow me to deliver that same sort of wonder i first had when i played dragons lair (minus the annoyance of finding out that there were always only two options)

doing these animation scene sets will allow me to work on the terrain and design while also focusing in on polished off bits and bobs to see what the final game will look like in pieces

we will use this output to further develop and fund the full release

ive had to take a break from searching for a good volunteer to focus on actually producing something with ONLY my own artistic ideas (which is fine but i prefer to mix cgi with life when possible.. oh well. soon enough)

as an artist, i would rather pour this amount fo work into a living model than a virtual girl who has no reality behind her except me and some other artists ideas (no mater how much consensus or input comes from other people/fans)

but such is not to be in the cards for some of the possible “roles” .. im sure that element will work itself out.. and having the fully cgi characters already animated and lit and such will be a better foundation to work from than just storyboards and scripts

(p.s. yuen woo ping and john woos asian films, i find the scripts and characters in american films lead to only 50 percent the coolness of their asian work.. yuen is an awesome director.. jon woo is an awesome scriptwriter

favorite action film? “Iron Monkey


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