design 001 – natural selection

i have a heck of a time managing this site during the temporary period between now and when building begins (during which time we will be recreating the heavily structured “Neopangaia Nation” community site (and the final url will be posted here).

until then i have a loose system of numbering which basically serves a relational marker at best. i spent the previous two years developing the history and technology of the virtual world (itself set approximately a “few hundred” years after now, but in an alternate dimension with differing rules that govern reality, although an extremely similar history to our own Earth).. design001

fans that have followed everything weve posted on the net have access to several hundred pages of descriptive text covering everything. people that have followed this particular blog are familiar with much more detail about our development history than the current content (or lack thereof) would suggest.

they also watched me write detailed descriptions of the actions of several main characters that survive to the actual timeframe covered of the game itself.

there are a bunch of timeless (and time travelling) characters called Grigori who are basically otherworldly inhumans trapped in the bodies of random current humans.

one of the villains from that fictional universe (shared history with a world that was inhabited by real versions of characters from the HP lovecraftian fantasy world and the worlds of ancient mythology) has come to our real world for the purpose of creating this game

his goal is to borrow the souls of current modern human, he feels that they are superior to the ones of denizens of his original dimension 9that of the game world)

his objective, as given by his boss (a character known as azathoth) is to create as much balance as possible, return the world to a chaotic natural state such as it was thousands of years before what we call recorded history

he is sort fo an evil james bond with no restrictions.. not quite a villain but a dark anti hero, an agent of chaos itself. he, like most main characters in the game, is controlled, acted, PLAY by an actual human at almost all times he is in the game world.

by designating and employing a large number of players AS in world characters, we get to evolve many elements of design and gameplay on a daily basis

we have auction houses, like other games. but it will be actual human traders that provide the bulk of the in game trade. this allows us to get away from defining the economy using strictly formulas and management decisions

that allows us to have an organic economy that is created and maintained by teh decisions and actions of real in game players either working FOR the game universe (and us) itself .. or just another citizen

by stayign away from corporate investors, we have been able (i consult often with as many humans as possible) to maintain this element.

my goal is to be able to employ one additional person from a random country, for every twenty players. we will also have volunteers. a huge chunk of all profits goes right back into development and design, so there is no real upper level of detail or quality we will be kept from

while developing the game for normal computers, we also develop for specialized hardware (utilizing quad GPUs) to allow totally unheard of interactive immersion levels.

those specialized versions will be released in chunks and hopefully should approximate a very VERY close to movie quality graphics level while mainaining the same interactivity and gameplay as the normal version (and interoperable)

ive determined that the most cost effective one year plan is to start with a quad core athlon xii AM3 or a quad core intel (similar platform)

i would start with a dual gpu capable motherboard with integrated graphics (allowing no purchase of a video card at present while just getting tools and environments and code set up)

eventually as development moved to where testing the higher quality versions becomes necessary, the motherboard is swapped out for a quad gpu MB (while this becomes a server MB with whatever cheap cpu is available at the time)

many characters im not going to want see get killed of anytime soon.. i suppose they would have to quest and train and explore just like the players so that they can gain powers as the players do (scaling in a way that allows them to take on groups at a time)

the first thing that came to mind was seeing thor somewhere training to get higher levels of lightning control or getting his hammer upgraded by dwarves or god knows what..

and he gets attacked by players… im sure thee will come a time when things like that happen all the time.. hopefully there would come a plateau here and there where a character is so powerful in game that players dont attack them for a while.. if ever..

but i would only be so lucky.. although only an idiot would attack monkey on a good day.. few would ever GET to attack ODIN.. and attacking someone like Diana or Zeus would ONLY piss them off.. right?

who lives and dies among the heavyweights (and for gods death is almost inVARIABLY temporary) hopefully the powers that be fo the game world would be able to bribe the best (and worst) amongst the players .. turning forces that would normally tear apart a game into allies that actually REINFORCE the will of the virtual powers that be

players themselves would have 100 percent say in what sorts of new abilities and objects and environments are created.. and having dynamically human controlled non player characters opens up SOOO much freedom.. games ARE more than just their level designs and AIs.

Much of what happens during ct scenes and level design changes would happen in real time like a play of sorts in this game world..


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