Misc 003 – Media

the latest stuffs list of art that has been thoroughly reviewed recently many times for detail and design.. construction and commentary.

graphic novels – black summer (avatar) heavy metal. novels: dune messiah (frank herbert).. neverwhere (neil gaiman).. star trek: metamorphosis

latest scene work: vampiric combat, sex scenes, travel and dialogue scenes.

the fight scene between vampire and immortal in league of extraordinary gentlemen can be thought of as a direction i went with the material ever since reading a more primal description of not quite humans engaging in the sensual arts

ive been working hard on trying to solidify commitments to the project from various parties.

design is starting to get fleshed out a lot more based on the engines tech we are going with.

will update more later

saw all the latest sci fi actioners (harry potter transformers star trek) and rewatching a lot of recent ones that had already been seen a lot: deja vu, incredible hulk, bourne trilogy

the whole while sketchboarding action sequences, knowing each one is part of a huge library of basic Beta action sequences.


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