018 – Flying in Ummo

Flying.. I was inspired to create this game very largely by a comment Terrance McKenna once made predicting virtual worlds capable of visualizing the psychedelic experience.

Flying is one of the most common human dreams, dreams being the cornerstone of our ability to perceive dimensions whose physics and rules do not approximate the ones during our waking life.

A virtual world that is half science fiction, half mythical realm, would be ideal for allowing the magic and reality warping necessary to allow visualization of the complex thoughts possible during the psychedelic experience.

Development of the project is often driven by movielike scenes of action within the game that I want to see. I come from a comic book artist background (I wanted to be a penciler years ago, but dabbled in writing, lettering, and coloring).

I think of the character development as following an ark from normal human to a character similar to superman, silver surfer, thanos, a flying gandalf with more power.

I will not hesitate to say that one of my favorite examples of powerful characters from different disciplines fighting is the battle between Kineda and Tetsuo in the movie “Akira”

Other classic battles, of course, can be found all over comics and in films from Hellboy to Dark City. It IS all about the amazing battles in the so called endgame.

Imagine the most powerful martial arts or anime movie characters you’ve ever seen and imagine them battling for days, according to the classic mythology. (perhaps not days, but at least several hours in some cases, i would think).

The image that keeps coming to my mind is one of boundaries. i have decided that the next version of the game will be defined by the fact that there is smooth interplanetary action by both ships and flying characters.

in this version there will be travel to other planets, but ti will be via portals and other typical MMORPG forms of point to point transport (or in our current case, server to server).

Mars in the universe of UMMO has been terraformed in certain areas, with cities under plexiglass in every conceivable earth climate and structure.

It has become a BattleWorld of sorts, a place more Wild West than the Wild West wastelands of Earth. Mars in Ummo is truly a Red planet and fitting of being the place that houses the People of Mars, God of War.

It has it’s own rules and enforcers to manage, but won’t expect it to be fully realized until well after release, by the time players develop to the power levels required to survive for long there.

The image i think of for the first release is players flying high above the Earth, inhabiting derelict satellites and creating their own.

i imagine fighting amongst the satellites, the highest things floating and flying above the gameworld. there are, as well, floating city areas, high above the day to day survival of the earth below.

being based in an engine for it’s simulation components means access to flying vehicle and weapon physics, we have decided not to use real weather data and patterns, instead opting for artistically designed cloud patterns.

i am not yet familiar with the new engine we will be using for this MORFPS we are creating at present but in previous engine technology, the height of the map was usually equal to the length and width of the map.

as video game engines allowed larger and larger maps, eventually in the multiple kilometer range, the virtual height of these maps has also increased.

by trying to balance the mythological and surreal elements of Ummo, the compromise was relatively realistic flying vehicles (and few of them) few floating islands and cities, and the ones that do exist exist not very far (relatively) from the ground.

that means there would be a huge gap of empty space and above it, in the dark, would be the MESS of satellites all flying above the Earth.

On our Planet Earth sized flat plane we call the game world, the satellites float above it as lines across a map, curving their paths above a square map approximating the path of real satellites above our round globe.

hundreds of satellites exist now, the smallest of them large enough to allow a player to sit on it as it glides across the sky. by the time the game exists, at some unknown poitn at least more than 600 years into the future, there are grander artificially orbiting satellites in existence.

the moon is not alone at the highest point above the flat earth that is the game world by the time of or story.

i have thought about the idea that satellites could actually be moved by powerful characters, and have decided to either not allow that or make the satellite positioning something that always corrects itself, the satellites indestructible and permanent in their paths through the sky

satellite placement will not be real world accurate, the various heights of the satellites will be modified and some of their sizes will be expanded, creating a “sheet” of satellites. some unmoving, some cruising, some going eternally slowly.

i imagined some players and other characters would meet there, perhaps some experimental satellites would provide interplanetary (or interdimensional and cross galactic travel)

flight in general is something that would take a great deal of player involvement either developing abilities or skills and resources to allow flight (with vehicles or sans)

the fastest player flight capability would be something that i am certain the engine (visual3d.net)as been tested for (mach speeds and below) which is much slower than superman, but is realistically the highest speed i probably can personally IMAGINE (much less try to play) in real life.


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