010 – miscellaneous game details

originally published in mar 2005

1-Magic users will be able to CONTROL the WEATHER in REALTIME!! (sorry for the caps.. but this is my favorite feature). Magic users in Ummo will be able to make it snow, rain, thunderstorm, make the sun come out and lots of fun niceness like that (We don’t know yet about Tornadoes and Hurricanes.. probably not at first launch).

This opens up many awesome play possibilities. Especially when you factor in the fact that there are lots of flying creatures, creatures that turn to stone in the sunlight(black elves).. even creatures that can be destroyed by sunlight (vampires).

Weather can make certain creatures stronger, weaker, afraid, more aggressive. Weather can also increase or reduce the range and accuracy of certain attacks. Have a character that wears a mecha suit? watch out for lightning storms!! Have a vampire? watch out for bursts of sunlight!

The duration and availability of certain weather types will be determined by school of magic, level and ability. Also the ability of one a hostile magic user to change the weather yet again depends on the ability of the first magic user.

battles between magic users in Underworld should be very fun to watch. Weather control is a zone wide thing. Note that many zones in MMOs are a lot smaller than you would think.

2-How many races will we have in Underworld? No idea, but we DO know it will be at least 30-50 by the time the retail release is ready. Every race will have their pluses and minuses. Count on the us making the effort to include a TON of races and classes, sub races and sub classes too…

3-We have decided NOT to have real time deformable terrain. Players simply cant be trusted to not destroy everything on sight.. and i dont want to only have SOME places destructible. WE could implement a system of guards to defend buildings.. but in reality Would some shack in the middle of nowhere be guarded? NO.. and I wont want to work so hard to make a very pretty shack in the middle of nowhere knowing it will be destroyed.

There is always the possibility that certain locations may be destructible.. but our plan right now is to literally modify maps after major events to destroy or build them.. its a lot of work but i think less work than the alternative..

In recent years I have toyed with the idea of buildings that “fix” themselves.. but this must be developed further.

4-I have played TWO types of MMO (personally I know there are more that I havent played). Type one has immobile creatures that wait for the player to show up and attack them, even when clumped together with their natural enemies. Type two has creatures that wander around aimlessly doing nothing.. and wait for the player to show up and attack them..

No GOOD!!!! Ummo will have a fairly detailed ecosystem. Creatures will attack and hunt their natural enemies.. Ogres, trolls and Demons will attack each other for no good reason if they get bored or hungry. Ummo is a living environment. (testing will have to be done to see how badly this affects performance)

The design currently supports 50 separate factions and various aggression levels but we will be upping the number of factions to support the Ummo Ecosystem. never wander into a quiet woods again.

Stumble into firefights that are already going on and kill the victor.. Its up to you.. Foxes will hunt rabbits.. Demons will molest weaker ones. Different groups of Ogres will fight each other as they should when they get a little antsy.. Ahhhhhhh

5-Vampires WILL be initially playable characters. They will NOT have souls. And they WILL die in sunlight (if they are of low enough level or the type vulnerable to sun) Having no soul means.. NO AFTERLIFE! For all you newbies excited about being a vampire.. be careful.. Becoming a Vampire might be an easy ticket to PERMADEATH.
better use that sunscreen.. and avoid magic users even when its cloudy outside.. it might not be cloudy anymore when they see a vampire.

6-There will be MECHA in game. Unusable by non-humans as they have the wrong nervous system details for control.

7-Mythos will be the word we use to mean “set of realms belonging to one mythology sometimes overlapping with other mythologies as needed”

8-There WILL be flying: keep in mind though that magic users will cause nasty weather.. this nasty weather WILL affect flying. Lightning bolts can occur from nasty weather and really do damage to flying metal objects (like mecha) and even non-flying metal objects (like MECHA and certain types of armor and robots)..


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