009 – mythological realm travel

also originally published in mar 2005

Will Ummo be a dark game (no, it won’t.. only dark themes I suppose, even in the light places, since that is how mythology was.. there was no such thing as good and evil in most mythology so pretty much there were dark themes all around even in the pretty fairylands)

Because each mythology is located on it’s own server (as needed) and the various mythologies share similar realms (ie: the underworld realm spreads from Greek to Norse to Celtic to Sumerian to Indian on one huge patch of land), going from one server to another often times will just require getting on your horse (or dragon as the case may be) and riding til you can’t ride no more.

Most of the time, however, there will be some sort of gate or portal that will separate the various mythologies on each Realm (with a Realm signifying a certain “type” of geography or plane of existence now… Underworld realm, Realm of the Gods, Earth Realm, etc.)

Nevertheless, whether popping from the Underworld to Asgard, or from Asgard to Mount Olympus, we will try to have the transition be as seamless as possible, even when the new destination is on a new server. During the initial beta, when there are fewer than 200 players, I expect everything to fit on one server.

As the number of users grow the number of servers will grow. I would say that each Mythology will have it’s own server (because the various AI will be traveling to and fro within the various Realms of their own Mythology often) but that is hard to predict. If one Mythology or another becomes ultra popular, it may require more than one server to operate (but that will be invisible to players).

For all intents and purposes, yes you will be able to pop to and fro for a visit. Your race will determine what type and length of visit however. Some races such as Black Elves, Demons and Angels can’t stay away from their home Realm for very long.


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