008 – what sets apart the underworld

originally published mar 2005

What is the Underworld MMO and what sets it apart? It is pretty cut and dried, quick and to the point, but here is an explanation for anyone that asks you:

1-The Underworld is divided into various “Realms” each one having its own wildlife, spirits, characters, systems of magic and technology. All the realms are connected via various “portals” and “bridges.” Some of the realms are only accessible through magic or superscience.

Technology and magic that works in some realms may have enhanced effects, diminished effects or even no effect in the other realms of Underworld. This includes characters as well, certain robots rely on ambient light energy or other energies to function, certain angelic and demonic creatures rely on those energies to function well as well.

Some creatures are even adversely affected by the environment of other realms. Human creatures do not do well in the gaseous atmosphere of some of the Underworld realms and some of the robotic realms. Angelic creatures have diminished ability in the “hela” realms and demonic entities have diminished capacity in the angelic realms.

2-Death is a voyage: Almost all the creatures in “The Realms” can die. Some die easier or harder than others. But most can (and will) die. Minor characters are generally replaced (reincarnated) within a short span of time. Other, more unique characters actually make a “journey” to the land of the dead for their particular race or faith.

There is no “One” Underworld or Aboveworld. There are instead a variety of afterlives both above and below. There are so far Underworlds that we will refer to for this document as: Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, and Norse. Some machines and men even have no underworld at all. When they die. They are permadead. (vampires are a good example, and other “soulless” things.

Permadeath can occur for almost any man or beast, whether their souls is absorbed or consumed by certain Underworld denizens, or simply obliterated beyond the ability to resurrect. Some Beings simply are never able to leave the Underworld for whatever reason.

Be careful in the manner, location and way that you die. be careful whom you leave to cry or grieve for you in “The Realms”. It may just save your life.

Because almost all of the main characters have a pantheon, they have an Underworld. Does a certain Demon, God, Spirit or Demi-God have an item you want? If he or she dies you may have to track them to the Underworld(s) and back again to make sure you get it! Camping is pretty useless here.

For this reason, the ability to travel throughout the realms and even to the afterlife is not an uncommon one in The Realms. Many NPCs regularly travel back and forth and if you have some business with them, you may have to learn to do the same.

3-The Realms are ever-changing: WE will regularly modify maps, characters and items in the Realms of Underworld to reflect character actions, lack of actions, and events. In addition, we will always be adding new realms and characters as we see the need.

We at Underworld do not believe in duplicated cities, realms or structures. Should our population grow, the Underworld will grow to accommodate them. There is enough mythology and history and creativity on this Earth to populate the Underworld for years to come even if every other MMO disappears and we have to take all the customers.

We do not believe that every item in Underworld and every character and class needs to be balanced against every other one. We don’t need to do super amounts of testing before we add content. We don’t add content to line our pockets. We add content because we CAN and because we SHOULD.

We can’t commit to an exact timeframe. But at times we will add content on a weekly basis at other times a monthly one. Nevertheless, we will regularly add new content to keep the world thriving and growing INSTEAD of adding new servers. (NOTE: we will add new servers to support existing content as users and serverload increase. But we will NOT duplicate or mirror that content. Example: Minoa/Atlantis Realm grows from 1000 to 2000 users so we add another physical server to support those users in a cluster structure pointing to the same database)

We plan on having many servers, but they will be different realms all part of one large world, not mirror images of one another. because of this reason some realms will be closed to new accounts until we expand their servers, some realms will have maximum number of users and cannot be traveled to until we upgrade those servers. We feel that is a more realistic solution than Mirrored worlds.

Any player in The Realms can communicate and play with any other player. No asking “which server did you sign up on.” unfortunately that means that some realms wil be a tad difficult to understand. We are working on solutions to that problem (ie Spanish, Japanese, etc)..

That’s all for now. More will be posted later. As usual, questions, concerns and discussion are encouraged


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