006 – Blog Background

this was originally posted at http://neopangaia.livejournal.com in june 2005
I remember like it was yesterday.. searching the world for a place where all the people could play at peace. a NeverNeverLand for adults. An Island of the Lost Boys except they were not boys.

It does not exist. At least, not for the public. If there is such a place, I have never heard of it. No one has invited magick student, yogin, warrior, geek, scientist, sensualist, anarchist.. and if they did.. What of the goth in Minnesota.. what of the lost soul in Arkansas? What of the sadistic beauty whose soul is so dark it blinds the vision like the sun who lives in Sri Lanka?

And so I decided to make a home for all and any that have no home in the hypocrisy of the rest of the world of “law and order.” No easy task indeed. First I had to find myself and learn the ways of this old world. Then I had to study some more and learn how to make a world anew both virtual and real.

And then there is the cost of such a thing. To create a new place that stands free and tall in both the virtual and real world is not free. Not cheap.. Not easy.

That story is for another day. Today I am many months away from the completion of that adult virtual nirvana for those whose souls seek true balance.. freedom to explore light AND dark. Neither left nor right shall hold sway, neither light nor dark. Up nor down, order of good and evil shall not exist in that land in between the heavens above and the Underworld below.

And so I started to [research the creation of] create a virtual world called Underworld MMO that can be a place for all cultures, philosophies, beliefs and lifestyles. It is a realm of science-fiction and fantasy, mythology and legend. It is a place only for adults, however. A place where they can indulge whatever they wish.

[EDIT 07/08/09 – we will make an adult and a non-adult version.]
It is not as extreme or focused on BDSM/adult content as some other interesting places, such as the game Sociolotron. It is just a vehicle to express, explore and educate about mythology, Fantasy and Science-Fiction. A place to that exists before and after the creation of rules that defined what a virtual world should be. Before rules that definned right and wrong.

I have been working on it by myself for such a long time. And continue to do so. The creation of such a virtual world is the only way I know of to gain enough resources to be able to affect or recreate an actual one. I have spent these years learning how to do every piece and every part of the project by my own hand if necessary.

I want help both in terms of effort or finances but i cannot wait for it. I cannot waste time to seek it out. I can only continue at the best pace possible.

I do not know how to rest. I do not know how to give up. I have no experience with these things. Only when I have allied with others have I even had a chance to see those things in action. There is no price or cost save death that can deter me once I have focused on a thing.

there is so much work and stress.. doubt and arrogance.. wild creativity and sheer logic involved in creating a world. i felt that the web site for the worlds themselves is not the proper place for these personal elements. and so i have created this blog for those elements of self that are the remains of the world building process.

here may i whimper and yell aloud. here i will scream and whisper. talk of daily triumphs and defeats. question and exclaim the righteousness of what i do or do not. This is a place for me to speak unrestrained and uncensored.


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