004 – Open Source Game Dev/Engine Lists

I saw this really good article about the use of Open Source technology in game development and wanted to share the link.


I also wanted to point out some of the main resources I use when researching new game engines. Hopefully I won’t have to do a whole lot of game engine research for the next few years.

http://www.moddb.com/engines is a good quick list with small descriptions next to thumbnails. Click on the individual engine names from 4 page listing and be welcomed by a summary page (length varies by engine), along with information about the company and links to more info.

http://www.devmaster.net/ has a GREAT detailed engine list where each engine on the list has a variety of detailed information as well as a section where a variety of users have (or can) comment about their experiences with the engine in question.

This is the place I usually go for my first information about any particular engine and it has been running for YEARS.

There are a bunch of other 3d/game engine resources on the net, but I primarily use those two for the bulk of my background info before starting to do generic Google.com searching (and downloads/trials of course)


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